Everything Poetic Rants

be my….

My darling and I at a fashion show.... ❤️

baby be my joker cause i’m your harley… these motherfuckers… they wont stop me… from riding for my puddin thats called loyalty

baby be my king…  daddy that’s called royalty… i will get on my knees like im supposed to be… bout to remind you why you chose me… of course i got your back but when I ride it you’re always pulling off my whole sheet… and every aspect of my status proves all these silly hoes are weak…

now back back to us… baby be my favorite seat…. let me be your favorite freak… It will always be a great life if you stay with me… on your hard days, babe, dont stress… just have your way with me…

your hardest days turn to your best days with me… baby be my coach and share your coldest plays with me… yes my love you will get the utmost praise from me…

baby be my.. be my be my headache and my pill, give me hard times.. make me chill.. I need all of that for real…baby be my promise baby lets make a deal… lets remember to FEEL….

place your heart in a pretty package i will deliver sign and seal…

baby be my… beginning and finish line… we are destined to be entwined… sink into me.. i can take it all… all nine… lets drift as our desires combine… as your pulse beats in sync with mine…

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