Four Twenty…



It’s 4/20… so roll that shit up. If you having a bad day man… just light that shit up. If people hating on your medicating, tell them to shut that shit up!

Damn… why folks so mad at Mary? When I was feeble… sometimes all that would help is Mary. Without her, those nights on the bathroom floor would’ve been scary… LISTEN I was dying… crying… screaming begging God to spare me… And you fuckers didn’t save me… the only one who helped me was Mary..

So again, it’s 4/20… pass it bitch… your turn’s been up. You talking about “Wanna match?” but your little bag is looking rough! Keep that I’m good…

No really.. I’m great, I’m just happy Michigan is at least a medically legal state. I’m just a cute ass stoner who’s bills are paid… my money is ALWAYS STRAIGHT. I’m just ignoring them matter over mind motherfuckers… its cool people hate…

So enough talking.. before you start some conflict… turn that Kendrick up… Damn… That tree was perfect… its like I’m drifting up…it’s like I’m no longer troubled… like i’m no longer shacked.. no longer stuck… It’s like I’m above it all.. like I can’t be blocked….

Bitch I’m unstoppable as fuck..

My bad… I’m getting a little full of my self…. I need to leave these lames… they can’t handle my behavior…. lemme excuse myself…

because BITCH It’s Four Twenty……


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